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REI Radio is a full done for you service

We will…

  • Build a motivated lead-generating “machine” that pulls in high quality leads for you

  • Target your station(s) like a sniper. We know which radio stations to choose (and WHY) which is mission critical to your success with this explosive marketing channel.

  • Negotiate like a Jedi-Master. Our proven Ninja tactics will allow us to lock in the best overall deal to maximize your ad dollars

  • Shape, structure, and build your motivated seller ads. We will create explosive converting radio spots that will have prospects begging you to help them with their home.

  • Track What Matters: Tracking the right KPI’s is our “secret sauce” to accelerate your growth and generate explosive profits in your business.

  • Scale and grow. Once we have created your steady stream of hot motivated seller leads, it’s time to crank up the machine.

“My 1st contract with Radio. 2nd week on radio ads. Horray!! Thank you for ALL Your
support REI Radio!!”

Jay E.

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